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The Data-Driven Solution for Professional Organisations and Academia

Deliver The Right Care At The Right Time 

Are you looking to improve the effectiveness of how your mental health support is delivered?

How We Can Help


Performance & Productivity

Improved self-awareness empowers individuals to navigate challenges efficiently, optimising academic, athletic, or professional performance.


Data-Driven Decision Making

Leveraging data allows organisations to make evidence-based decisions, tailoring interventions and predicting trends.

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Proactive Support:

Early intervention tools and resources prevent issues from escalating, benefiting individual well-being and boosting overall morale.

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Your Opinion Matters

Do you want the chance to shape our future features?

This Is Why YOU Got Into Mental Health Support

"It is our pleasure to work with Sean and Mind Data here at the University of Buckingham...keep up the great work Sean and team...and we will do the same for our students!"

Dee Bunker, Head of Student Welfare, University of Buckingham

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