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Our Vision

Mind Data was born from a profound personal journey and a deep-seated desire to transform mental health understanding and support. Our vision is to harness technology's power to illuminate human experiences, fostering genuine connections and proactive mental wellbeing for one million people and beyond.


Our Team


In 2015, Sean faced one of the darkest moments of his life, grappling with suicidal depression. During this challenging period, an incredible therapist named Betty emerged as a beacon of hope, guiding Sean through the storm. Inspired by Betty's unwavering support, Sean harboured an ambition: to positively impact 'one million lives.'

Having previously played a pivotal role in the growth of a technology company, Sean recognised an opportunity to merge his tech expertise with this newfound purpose. He observed that while therapy sessions were transformative, they often began with moments of uncertainty, particularly the initial ten minutes. This 'recent bias' sometimes overshadowed more pressing issues that emerged only after the session had concluded.

Identifying this gap, Sean envisioned a tool that would not only enhance real-time insights during therapy but also eliminate the dependence on fleeting memories. This tool would ensure that both therapist and client approached each session fully prepared, amplifying the session's effectiveness. From this vision, Mind Data was born.


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