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My Views on Building an Ethical Healthtech Company

At the crossover of technology and health, I've learned that legal compliance is just the beginning; it's the ethical integrity where the race is won.

Legal vs Ethical: The Distinction in Data

The law often tells us what we must to do, but it's our morals that guide us to what we should do. My gut feeling tells me there's a world of difference between the two. Imagine this: if user agreements give us the go-ahead to share anonymised data, legally, we're in the clear. But is it the ethical path? I don't beleive it is. Ethics are about fairness and integrity, not just about ticking boxes.

Trust in Data: A One-Time Offer

Trust is the foundation on which we build in the healthtech space. My belief is strong on this: you only have one shot at building data trust. If that trust is broken, repairing it is a monumental challenge. It's crucial that our MVPs in this space reflect not just a viable product but prioritise user privacy from day one.

Technology: The Human Experience Amplifier

I think a lot about the role of technology in our lives. It's tempting to see it as a potential replacement for human functions, but I see it differently. Technology should be an enhancer of the human experience, especially in the mental health arena. I've felt first-hand the power of empathetic support through my therapist Betty. Her understanding and human connection were transformative. AI is advancing, but the day it can fully replicate the depth of human empathy is, if ever, a distant future.

Human Connection: The Tech Industry's True North

For other technologists: How does your innovation magnify human connection? As we develop AI and other technologies at Mind Data, we're committed to ensuring they serve as companions to our human-centric approach, never as replacements.

Technology, in my vision, is a partner to our human experiences, not a competitor.

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