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Simple technology making mental health care more effective.

Our platform empowers therapists, coaches, sports teams and universities to provide proactive and effective mental well-being support.

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How Mind Data Works


Daily Self-Reflection

Engage in regular self-reflection, using mood tracking, thought journaling, and private notes. This allows for a deeper understanding of your own emotional landscape and the factors influencing it.


Insight-Informed Sessions

The insights gathered are shared directly to your professional and are brought into therapy sessions, providing a rich, data-driven foundation for discussions. Therapists and clients can identify patterns, celebrate progress, and collaboratively identify areas for focus.

The Science of Mood Tracking

Empowering Therapy: Science-Backed Benefits of Journaling and Mood Tracking

Enhanced Self-awareness and Emotional Regulation

Journaling improves self-awareness by highlighting emotional patterns and triggers.

Read more: "Behaviour Research and Therapy"

Therapy Benefit: Enables therapists to quickly pinpoint emotional patterns, leading to targeted sessions.

Stress Reduction and Cognitive Processing

Writing about traumatic events aids cognitive processing and stress relief.



Read more: "Journal of Experimental Psychology"

Therapy Benefit: Assists therapists in helping clients reframe and understand traumatic experiences.

Goal Setting and Tracking

Journaling promotes setting, refining, and reflecting on personal goals.


Read more "Journal of Applied Psychology"

Therapy Benefit: Makes goal-setting transparent, helping therapists support clients' personal growth.

“…we are blown away with what Mind Data can do for the students and counsellors at our University.”

Dee, University Head of Student Welfare

"Mind Data is going to changes peoples' lives. It already is for my clients and I."

Fran, Reassure Counselling

"Mind Data has helped me stay connected with my mental health support team, even when I'm on-the-go. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for personalized mental health support."

Clare, Counselling Client

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