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Make informed decisions
to improve mental health

Our AI-driven platform fosters self-awareness, inclusivity, and access to valuable resources, creating supportive environments where everyone can thrive.

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Data for all

Everyone has a role to play when it comes to mental health.

Access and data is available to all stakeholders. 


Mental Health Professionals

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Leaders and Decision Makers



From students to athletes.

Engage in regular self-reflection, using mood tracking, journaling, and private notes. This allows for a deeper understanding of your own emotional landscape and the factors influencing it.



Visual mindset and mental health progress



Shared with a mental care professional


Mental Care Professionals

From Student Counsellors to Mental Performance Coaches.

Mind Data allows you to monitor student well-being, identify at-risk individuals, and tailor interventions for maximum impact. By understanding the factors influencing mental health, you can foster meaningful conversations and track progress, ensuring equitable and targeted support for all.

Personalised Users Insights

Real-Time Data

Pattern Recognition

Targeted Interventions

Non-Wellbeing Leaders

From CFOs to University Deans

Senior, non-wellbeing leaders can utilise Mind Data's dashboard for a comprehensive overview of organisational mental health trends. This platform provides anonymised, aggregated data, crucial for strategic planning and enhancing overall organisational wellbeing.

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Broad Wellbeing Analysis

Anonymised Trends

Strategic Resource Allocation

Cultural Health Insights

“…we are blown away with what Mind Data can do for the students and counsellors at our University.”

Dee, University Head of Student Welfare

"Mind Data is going to changes peoples' lives. It already is for my clients and I."

Fran, Reassure Counselling

"Mind Data has helped me stay connected with my therapist, even when I'm on-the-go. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for personalised mental health support."

Clare, Counselling Client

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